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Tax Services

Managing your wealth isn't just about picking the right investments. Financial planning and wealth management are complicated, cross-discipline tasks that require a team of experts to properly execute a strategy on your behalf.

Part of a successful strategy is identifying the experts that will assist you—a financial advisor to manage investments, possibly a separate financial planner to devise the overall strategy, a lawyer to handle the estate planning and a CPA to manage your taxes--but what if those professionals aren't talking to one another? What if the financial advisor doesn't understand your tax needs? Or if the CPA doesn't understand your estate planning goals? That's how a plan falls apart.

At Insight Wealth Group, we understand the need for constant communication among your team members. Which is one of the reasons we started Insight Tax & Accounting Services. This arm of our firm, ably managed by CPA Scott Manhart, allows us to provide a coordinated approach to tax, investments, and financial planning. Now the questions about how your next investment will coordinate with your tax planning are as simple as a stroll down the hall.

Our team is focused on keeping up with trends in tax compliance, consulting, and negotiation. And with experience in both corporate and personal tax and accounting, you can be sure no question is too complicated to ask. With the addition of Insight Tax to your team, we can constantly be on the offensive in trying to design the best tax and investment strategy for you.

To learn more, click here to read Scott Manhart's bio.

If you would like a complimentary review of your previous tax filings, please contact Scott at or via phone at (515) 273-1333.

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